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What does CHARI & CO means? “ chari “ or “ charinco “ means “ bike “ in japanese. We are located in the heart of the L.E.S ( lower east side, manhattan ), 175 stanton street between clinton and attorney st. Where there is constant commuters, cyclists, and messengers. CHARI & CO set up shop on may 15, 2008. CHARI & CO race team members have traveled and raced world wide and will continued to do so. Over the years the company has built itself from a small bike shop in new york city, lower east side into a international recognized brand. Our workshop provides cyclists and commuters with a variety of apparel, accessories, bicycle frames and parts. CHARI & CO since we started, with cycling in mind. We will continued to help messengers and commuters with their daily needs. We value and appreciate the loyalty of our customers and riders.

about Kyne
モノクロでシンプルに女性を描くグラフィックアーティスト。2006年頃から福岡を拠点に活動を開始。自身が生まれ育った80'sの漫画やレコードのジャケットから影響を受け、作り上げた”ストリート  ×  アイドルカルチャー ”。インスタグラム、テレビ、インターネット上のメディアでも注文される存在となる。近年は、ストリートだけでなく、多くのギャラリーや海外でも作品展も行ない、大手新聞社主催の広告金賞を受賞するなど活動範囲を広げている。

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